Sunday, March 26, 2006

Beautiful South Africa

I believe South Africa is blessed with beautiful and historical places that attract tourism. The smooth transition from apartheid to democratic regime made South Africa attractive. It made headlines globally and is now internationally recognised. The doors are now open for those who want to visit the country and the environment is friendly.
Soweto is one of the must visit places. It is historically known for the riots that took place in the country as a form of opposition to the oppressive regime in June 1976. Vilakazi street is in this township. It is the only street in the world which has been home to two Nobel Peace Prize winners namely the former president Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Hector Peterson museum built in memory of a victim of the 1976 Soweto uprising can also be visited right here in Soweto.

There are lots of heritage sites in South Africa but I think Constitution Hill is breathtaking. The journey begins with the outside view of the former prison, then move on to the heritage buildings namely the Old Ford and Rampants, Section 4 and 5, Awaiting Trial and the Women's Gaol. As the guide tells about the brutality and degrading of prisoners that took place in these buildings one wonders how did those that survived made it. I got depressed and deprived of dignity through the tour while I put myself in the shoes of the former prisoners . But entering the Constitution Court soothed me. I felt calm and proud that after the hardships that they endevoured, all the South Africans are free. South Africa is integrated back into the international society. South Africa is a beautiful country with beautiful history and I wish all the South Africans could cherish that.


Blogger Psychewellbeing said...

Yes Lebo I do believe that SA is beautiful but there is still much to be done to make it more beautiful and safe. What is the point of having the most beautiful tourist atrractions while there is crime, inequality and poverty.

4:01 AM

Blogger Celeste said...

Hi Lebo

I have had the opportunity to travel many countries around the world, and I must agree with you in saying how beautiful South Arica is. But what Mpho is saying is right. What good does it do that we have a stunning country but no-one looks after it or no-one comes to visit it due to the crime and poverty surrounding us. We must stop saying how beautiful our country is and start getting up from our chairs and making it even more beautiful. Thanks for your write-up. Its these type of actions that can make people hear how wonderful our country is.

Regards Celeste

4:18 AM


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