Monday, March 20, 2006


Some people do not see the importance of blogging. For those who think it is a waste of time, it is not. Take it as a marketing tool. When blogging, just tell yourself you are blogging for the employers to read your mind and aspirations. A lot of companies check the blogs when looking for potential candidates for internships or even permanent positions. So continue blogging.

Consider blogging as a way of sharing ideas with other individuals from different perspectives. A personal diary that helps to improve one's communication skills and gramma. Comments from other bloggers also assist with development areas. You may be wrong and another blogger may correct you. In that way, you learn to rectify your mistakes and get well informed. For me reading other peoples' blogs is interesting. I learn a lot from those blogs, they kind of stimulate me to read and aqcuire more information.
Blogging is really fun since you write about your own experiences or your own feelings. It is not like a newspaper article or an academic script where you need to source the information. The blogs show creativity and measure emotional intelligence. It is a scale to weigh how knowledgeable one is. However, avoid plagiarism. Remember to make comments on other's blogs. I enjoy blogging.


Blogger Cyrille Mutombo said...

That's it Lebo. Reading other people's blogs is also a way of learning. Thank you for the advice.

8:08 AM

Blogger Psychewellbeing said...

Hello Lebo, I also believe blogging is a good experience.It is a chance to reflect on how you are growing persoally and careerwise from the traing programme.

10:40 PM


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