Friday, March 31, 2006

Entrepreneurship Presentation

There are lots of university unemployed graduates. This is due to lack of jobs in South Africa. There are more graduates than the market capacity. The better option would be for unemployed graduates to consider entering the world of entrepreneurship. In this way they would be contributing to creation of jobs and poverty alleviation in our country.

Marius Venter challenged me when he presented us on entrepreneurship. He gave us a task that unleashed our potentials in becoming entrepreneurs. At the end of presentation, entrepreneurs had emerged in the seminar. Marius defined an entrepreneur as some who can realize the opportunity and use it to gain profit and someone who looks at problems as challenges. Characteristics of a person play a pivotal role in becoming an entrepreneur. For the venture to be sustainable an entrepreneur should be responsible, creative, resilient, motivated, emotionally intelligent, a risk taker, have vision, leadership, negotiation and presentation skills and others.

The presentation motivated me to look at the opportunities within my community and use them. It is about who needs what out there and how the venture can add value to the community. The opportunities had been there but I did not know what it takes and where to start to become an entrepreneur. I feel I have the obligation to kick start a venture, create jobs and alleviate poverty in my community. It may benefit neighboring communities as it grows. This is the challenge I want to face. Thanks to Marius Venter on this informative presentation.


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