Thursday, March 23, 2006

Getting an Internship

We had a session on what is it that the companies or organisations are looking for when they take an intern. From this I have learnt that companies and organisations want someone who is able to use brains and think within the box, that is complying with the rules and learning the culture of the company or organisation. Someone who can think outside the box, meaning coming up with the new ideas, someone who can realise the gaps and come up with solutions to close those gaps. A person who is able to think collectivelly, meaning to participate in a team in a meaningful way and somebody who can translate thinking into action and really work hard.
An intern has to be passionate or enthusiastic about task at hand. S/he has to have a desire to assist, learn, make mistakes and ask for help and learn again. Ability to use the skills and apply the theoretical knowledge is important. Talents should be used and the intern should aim at adding value to the company or organisation. Above these, an intern has to be reliable, motivated, responsible and have a sense of humour.
Making coffee is on the list of the expectations from the intern. But how does an intern deal with the situation whereby they are expected to do all the minial jobs. What will s/he gain from doing all these tasks that are not related to the area of study or of interest? I do not mind making coffee as one of job descriptions but mind it if that is the only thing to do.


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