Saturday, March 18, 2006

Lebohang Profile

Lebohang is my name, a proudly South African woman born three decades ago. I started having an interest in politics from an early age. It was such interest that led me to studying International Relations and Politics at Wits. Armed with my B. A. Degree, I furthered my studies with the University of KwaZulu-Natal and received a B. A. Degree in Social Studies (Political Science). The title of my Honours thesis was: “DRC Peacekeeping: South Africa’s role”. Its focus was to analyse South Africa’s foreign policy as it applies to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

African development issues are at the forefront of African leaders in an effort to better position the continent in world politics and economy while addressing various social issues affecting African communities, i.e. poverty, women empowerment, the pandemic HIV/AIDS, etc. As a future potential employee, who identifies the significant role communities can play in achieving Africa’s development, my career objectives are to put into practice the theoretical academic training and the World of Work training to ensure that I am part of the partnership to encourage Africa’s development. With my academic background, commitment, responsible character, the World of Work training will give me the edge I need to succeed in the workplace by equipping me with business skills to join the business world with confidence and an understanding of the challenges ahead of me as a potential employee.


Blogger Psychewellbeing said...

Hi Lebo, I already think the WOW programme is an effective way of preparing students to workplace situations and I also cannot wait to put my theoretical knowledge into an organisational situation.

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