Sunday, March 19, 2006

Women Empowerment in Africa

At least Africa is moving in a progressive direction when it comes to the empowerment of women. Women in Africa have suffered the subordination by their male counterparts socialy, politicaly and economicaly. At the social level, they were and some are still subordinate to their husbands. Men made decisions as head of the families while women just had to obey.
Politicaly, even today, there is still a small number of female parliamentarians but that is about to change. The year 2005 was marked by continued progress and new records for women in the political field Women are now included in post-conflict reconstruction in countries such as Liberia, Rwanda and Burundi to mention the few. Liberia broke the record by electing Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf as a female president for a 6-year term. South Africa held local government elections in March 2006 and a number of female mayors has gone up.
Efforts have been made to empower women economically and the starting point was to educate them. The purpose of the initiatives such as Africa Federation of Women Entrepreneurs (AFWE) operating in 45 Sub-Saharan African countries, African and American Women's Alliance (AAWBA) and BITS Africa to mention the few, is to foster busines opportunuties for women. South Africa has the third-highest proportion worldwide of companies employing women at senior managerial positions.
Some of the African initiatives may have failled. The OAU failed the Africans and NEPAD is accused of not representing the needs of Africans although I believe the initiation of NEPAD was a good move. Rome was not build in a day and therefore NEPAD aspirations are still to be realised. But African leaders have realised that Africans should find solutions to African problems themselves. For how long will Africa depend on the handouts? The point is, despite some hic ups in the African development, the continent is doing well when it comes to the recognition of women potentials. Women of Africa are given the platform and therefore are at the centre stage.Door are open and now it is up to women to prove themselves.


Blogger Cyrille Mutombo said...

Good job Lebo, can you please provide the internet sites for AFWE and African and American Women's Alliance (AAWBA).

8:22 AM

Blogger Psychewellbeing said...

Lebo, I am happy about the transformations that has been happening to empower women. I believe there is also a needed effort in motivatig women in certain areas for example,women from the rural areas should also be told of their rights and stands they can take as women.

10:46 PM


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