Sunday, March 19, 2006

World of Work Training Programme

The Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Wits University, offers world of work training to post graduate students who are faced with the unknown real world of work. The programme equips trainees with the skills that prepare them to become potential employees once they enter the real world of work. They learn presentation, business report writing, communication, stress management, teamwork skills etc. It also provides trainees with an opportunity to interact with individuals from diverse culture and academic field and thus learn from this diversity.
Presenters from different organisations and businesses give trainees an idea of what is expected from employees and what to expect in the workplace. The world of work requires knowledgeable persons. From this I have learnt that there is competition and only the fittest can survive in the workplace. In order to remain abreast with everyday issues, one has to read, read, read and read as one of the previous interns, 'Mamokuena Makhema has said. One has to be well informed. Commitment, hardwork, passion and determination are the keywords. We need salaries to make ends meet but "what value can I add to the company" is the starting point.
The programme has helped me to reclaim my confidence that was stolen by the fear of the unknown world. I believe that I am now ready and prepared to go out there, face the reality of workplace and apply my knowledge and skills. I am confident that I can add value in a company because I have the potential.


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