Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Writing for employability

I enjoyed Lesley Emanuel presentation on business writing skills. From the session I learnt it is important to write professionally in the corporate world. One should avoid bad writing because it takes longer to read, costs the company credibility and money and the message may be twisted. It also shows ignorance, lack of information and conscientious. Sentence construction and grammar also need to be considered.

To resolve this problem we need to check the spelling, use punctuation marks correctly, avoid a jargon and be careful when to use upper and lower cases. Brainstorming and proofreading save time and help with remembering important points, spelling check and grammar. Lesley encouraged us to use SPRAT-state the situation, problem, resolution, and then act and give thanks. She also encouraged us to keep it short and simple since we are not compelled to use big words and complex sentences. A writing process helps to organise thoughts, avoid frustration and procrastination and to use time productively and efficiently. Thanks to Lesley for a wonderful presentation.


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