Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Corporate Leadership

Corporate leadership has become an important concept in the business world, the world in which only the strongest survive. Companies that lack corporate leadership get left behind. According to Kuseni Dlamini, most of South African companies are left behind because they lack corporate leadership. The leader needs to be competitive and have leadership qualities. The assumption of leadership today is not only based on long term service, patriotism and qualifications, but also on the level of emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence measures how sensitive are you to others, how adept are you at interpersonal skills, how competent are you at handling crises and conflicts and how resilient you are. Leadership requires strong character, being a role model, commitment, sincerity, being comfortable with the paradox of consistency and flexibility, valuing different cultures, being both firm and fair, knowing how to use influence and handling power wisely http://www.dictum.co.za/.

For those companies that are behind because of leadership, the solution would be to train their leaders to be competent in the corporate world. They should look out for leadership forums but again it is up to leaders to adapt to change and new demands that accompany it. They have to remember the performance of the company is based on their leadership strategy.


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