Friday, April 07, 2006

Impact of HIV/AIDS on development

Although HIV/AIDS is a medical problem, it also has important socio-economic dimensions, which cannot be addressed through medical interventions alone. The disease negatively impacts on the current and future potential for development through eroding human resources and social capital. We cannot realise development with the reduction of labour supply and productivity, injecting money into projects and support groups dealing with pandemic and provide shelter, clothing and food for the orphans of the pandemic. Poor people have to use up their savings and liquidate their already meagre assets in order to care for their sick while supporting themselves and their families.
Education plays important role in preventing HIV/AIDS. It helps prevent new infections, improve quality of life for people living with HIV and reduce stigma and discrimination attached to disease. I know advocates of the disease have been encouraging people to abstain and use the condoms but some people are still ignorant. Everybody should take part in this, starting with the parents at home, teachers at schools and health workers and employers at the workplace to list the few. Churches and societies can also play big role.
We need not loose hope but continue encouraging a healthy life style and we may see good results in the future. With continued efforts and people realising the effects of the disease more people will take responsibility and avoid contracting disease. Governments, NGO’s, Companies and business people need to increase their spending to combat the spread of disease, provide treatment for those infected and care for HIV orphans. There is also a need for more home-based care givers and support groups.


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