Thursday, April 06, 2006

Poverty alleviation

Poverty is at the heart of Africa's problems. The poor in Africa are those who have inadequate access to income, resources and services and are unable to do certain tasks that are essential for fulfilling one’s human potential and carrying out one’s social responsibilities.
Most African nations suffer from corruption, human rights violations, civil unrest and war and. Adding to these problems is forced migrations and HIV/AIDS pandemic depriving human beings of achieving the kind of life they deserve and desire.
To alleviate poverty in Africa we have to start with rural communities where there are no job opportunities. Poverty alleviation agencies to come up with local solutions to local problems. Development initiatives must give people the freedom to access and exercise sustainable socio-economic possibilities through education and skills development. In my view, the Independent Development Trust (IDT) has done good job on this aspect in South Africa by recognising the need to include people in the poverty eradication process. A core pillar of the IDT work is the belief that the wisdom, expertise and aspirations that communities possess are important guides in the journey to eradicate poverty. Their projects have been successful because they implement, monitor and follow up on progress made to ensure sustainability. Other poverty alleviation agencies should also seek to include the communities instead of injecting funds without any objective.


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